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All virgins featured on the virginity auctions are 100% pure. They have been provided a medical certificate, as well as proof of identity.


Your personal data remains private and confidential.


Virginity Auctions are offered by independent females. There is no broker or intermediate involved! Within your user dashboard you can communicate directly with the virgin girls by secure private messaging system.


If you have questions about the site or need help to upgrade your user account, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff by phone or ticket support.

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The success of our service reflects the success of this selection criteria and we are certainly not right for everyone. The acceptance of new members is based on a careful and thorough screening of all who apply. Our user’ right to privacy is safeguarded at all times.

We  understand the security needs of our users. By keeping our services and portfolio closed to outsiders, we maintain the standards expected of such an exclusive service.

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Virginity Auction

Find out more on how to sell your virginity online. Minimum age 18 years!