Selling Virginity

Virginity Auction

Would you like to sell your virginity?
Are you a virgin? 100% pure and untouched? You might not want to wait for Mr. Right and rather sell your virginity to the highest bidder in order. Achieve financial freedom and realize your dreams: may it be private education, starting your own business,  or travel the world.


Your body! Your decision! Your private virginity auction! Sell your virginity on vipgirlfriend.com without any intermediate. No sleezy agency or broker requesting outrageous fees. Your in charge of your destiny! Here’s your chance to discuss directly with potential buyers. Find out if the chemistry is right before going any further … Additionally you have the option to reject bidders anytime.

Sell your Virginity

Direct Auction without broker fees!

1- Full Control

You are in full control of your virginity auction. Create your profile within minutes and edit or delete it at any time!

2- Direct Contact

Within your user dashboard you have access to our secure and fully encrypted Private Messaging System. You can handle all communication directly with potential buyers.

3- Privacy Protection

Want to keep things private? Don't want to expose yourself completely on the internet? You can add a privacy protection to your profile which makes it invisible to the public but displays your auction listing to verified buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to start your virginity auction you need to upload a medical certificate stating that you are an authentic virgin, as well as a valid identification document.

The required minimum age is 18 years!

There is no minimum or maximum bid amount to get started. You can freely choose the minimum amount for your virginity auction.

You are not required to publish your real or full name online. You can use a pseudonyme for your virginity auction.

During your virginity auction you are in direct contact with the buyers through the private messaging system on your dashboard. Feel free to ask the potential buyers any question you like or even set up a date to get to know the buyer and find out if the chemistry is right, before going any further.

You are in direct contact with the buyers and in case you are not comfortable with a bidder, you can reject his offer any time.

You can cancel your virginity auction anytime.

Getting payed is at your own discretion. You can freely choose how you want the transaction being settled.