Sassy Celina: Let me show you the way.

I am Puerto Rican and Columbian descent. Mainly I know my Puerto Rican culture more so than my Columbian culture. But nevertheless, it is woman of Latin heritage that exude sensuality. The secret behind the beauty and sensuality of a woman is not how she looks or how she dresses. Sensuality cannot be taught; you cannot try to be sensual if it’s not inside you to begin with. You will come across “robotic’. Sensuality comes from within one’s natural characteristics that is defined by the way you present yourself. It’s a demeanor in the way you speak, the way you walk, and the confidence you show. Sensuality comes from within. Sometimes one doesn’t even realize they exude such beautiful traits, why…because it’s NATURAL to them. No acting, no faking, no pretending to be someone you are not. That’s who I am. Not by me saying I am that way, because honestly, I never think about it until I am told that I exude those characteristics. So that is what you will get from me. But of course it’s not just the wrapped package tied with little pretty bow’s. You must unwrap the package to get the surprise awaiting you.

I am one of the few ones left that is still around and is able to provide you with what has always been my “signature” personality…. Sassy, erotic, sensual, playful, with a little bit of “This and a little bit of That”, if you please. Yes, I am of mature status, if that seems to be a problem, then press “NEXT” on the screen and move on to the next page. If it’s not a problem, then you are viewing the page of one who knows EXACTLY what it takes to provide a satisfying experience. When visiting you, I take caution in presenting myself in a tasteful manner. My style is open to affectionate, seductive encounters, creative intimacy, and trust that is built from a connection. I am very accommodating, no rush, where discreetness is of the outmost importance for you and I. I can assure you that when you walk into my home, you will immediately find comfort. I like to take a few minutes to talk; it’s my way of “getting to know you”. But I guess the test is with you. Are you ready, willing, and able to step into “My World? I enjoy the element of surprise during our time together. I may begin with an erotic interlude, but welcome a “fantasy” interlude.

I maintain a day job that oftentimes does not allow for my availability at the same time as yours. I maintain off beat hours. But I would do whatever I can too accommodate you at a time that will fit both of our schedules. My choice of Contact preference is text. Please, whether it be text or e mail, I ask that you not simply say “Hey There”. That tells me nothing. Extend me the courtesy of leaving your name and number because I will reply. My biggest pet peeve is asking me questions that you should know are not to be asked. If you have found me here, then you should know the do’s and don’ts. So with that being said, allow me to provide you my schedule of availabllity so that I can better accomadate you.

Monday’s and Wednesday’s I am available all day from 11:30 am to well past midnight

Tuesday from 11:30 am – 1 pm and then from 8:30 pm to well past midnight

Thursday from 11:30 am – 2 pm and then from 9:30 pm to well past midnight

Friday, Saturday and Sundays anytime after 4:30 pm to well past midnight.

My Escape get away home located in Roswell, Discreet subdivision, very private:


Your Escape get away home or business trip “location” meeting stay


Special Request considered only after we have communicated and have made the proper arrangements.

No Block Calls

Prefer text or a call first. 678-736-9440

E mail as well, but I will respond quicker with a text, call, or a leave a message:


Until we meet….



Your request has been submitted successfully.

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