I want to share my time with those who truly value and enjoy being with me – the real me. Super hero pajamas and all. Er…I mean, lacy pink nightie and…um…oh, darn it.

Sincerity is important to me, so I present nothing other than a true version of myself. There are no games with me, there is no persona. Naturally curious, friendly, and affectionate, I am definitely a people person. I have a strong desire to connect with others and am driven by social relationships, experiences, and adventures rather than by status or material possessions. Though I am highly social, I am not a social butterfly; I prefer to build strong, meaningful relationships with a select group of thoughtful, interesting people.

I recently completed a Master’s degree and am currently working in academia. I am blessed in that my work obligations do not tie me to an office, or in fact, to any fixed address. I have the freedom to work from anywhere, and my schedule is left largely up to me. I won’t lie – I love being able to travel and work in different cities whenever I want! You can usually find me in Vancouver, New York City, and San Francisco, though I travel abroad at least twice per year as well.

My photos are recent and representative of my current appearance, so if you like attractive, petite women, I may be just your type. I have a small, feminine nose, light hazel eyes, and full lips. I smile easily and frequently, and love to make others laugh.

The people in my life tell me I’m charming, witty, intelligent, sensitive, and kind. I think of myself as friendly, approachable, and easygoing. If you come to me with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to play, let go, and be in the moment, I think we will get along famously 🙂

Please email me if you think there is something here worth exploring.

Yours truly,


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