American girls are quite conservative and I am the same.  I am still a virgin and although I have had the opportunity to have sexual relations, I am not yet sexually active.

I have however decided that it is time to lose my virginity and I am going to do it through a virginity auction.  I need to make money, mostly to pay for my studies and to move into my own apartment near the university, and I feel that selling my virginity is a good way to do this.

If you would like to be part of the virginity auction, you can sign up right here.  I will tell you a little more about me although you can also see my pic.  I’m quite tall, 5.8, and have gorgeous blonde hair.  I’m fairly curvy and although I hated my curves when I was young, I quite like them now. I hope you will too!

I would love you to join my virgnity auction. Not only will it be a great experience for you, but you will really be helping me with my studies.  I plan on becoming a lawyer one day soon.

I am selling my virginity to the highest bidder.  And because I have held on my to my virginity for a long time I am not going to be cheap.  You can click online to get an idea of the bids for a virginity auction and how much my virginity could go for.

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