Not so long ago, in a land quite close to here, lived a young woman with a love for poetry and a hunger for adventure that could not be contained by her small world. She always believed rules were made to be broken, and hated the status quo. She had a passion for the arts and a heart of a rebel. So she boldly carved out a new life for herself: one that fulfilled her every desire. She soon found her body covered in literary references, her nose buried in neuroscience textbooks, and a professional outlet for her insatiable desires.

When she is not prepping for the MCATs, she can often be found hanging from rock walls or breezing around a ballet studio. She sees mountains as a challenge and free time as potential for pure pleasure. She constantly chases novel experiences and loves developing new friendships. She adores learning new people: their body, their mind, and their passions. Each person is a book to be read, a body to discover, an adventure to explore.

Does she have soft skin? Enchanting lips? Of course. She also has a poem by Emily Dickenson on her thigh, an allusion to a certain scarlet book on her rib cage, and a couple of other gems for you to find. When you walk through the door, her smile just may steal your breath, and the rest of the world may just fall away. All that will exist is you and she and the moments you share together.

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When contacting me please include two references from lady’s you have seen recently. Allow 48 hours for us to set a time to see each other.

I look forward to meeting you.

Warm Regards,

Endza Ash

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