Hi I am Demi, a German brunette with emerald green eyes in my early twenties. I have been assured that I have a lovely figure and am a bona fide virgin. People have asked me how I still come to be a virgin in my twenties and I tell them that because I come from a financially poor background, I chose to concentrate on my studies.

Ambition to complete my nursing degree meant that there was no time for boys and anyway. I wanted to be the first child in my family to go to university rather than playing with boys.

A daughter of a friend passed away at an early age from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This tragedy was the main reason for my entering into the nursing field. Now that I have completed these studies, I wish to continue with my medical career by becoming a medical doctor. In the process, I wish to conduct research in the area of SIDS as I am interested in pediatrics. The best place to further my medical career is in the US, which is known to very expensive. I need a lot of money to qualify as a medical doctor.

As you may have guessed, I am quite an intelligent young woman and have a big dream to pursue a career in the medical profession. I am not sharing this story because I need or want sympathy but simply as a way to share a part of my life with you. I am confident that someone reading this will be attracted to helping me achieve my career goals in return for the gift of my virginity.


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Q Are you sure that you want to sell your virginity?

I have weighed the benefits and disadvantages of selling my virginity in exchange for a lifelong career very carefully. This is just one more goal that I plan to reach.

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