A petite, sensual playmate with a knack for affection, deep conversation, and flirty banter. A true sensualist, I live for beauty, art, exotic food, wine, literature– and above all: pleasure.

Despite this proclivity for decadence, I maintain a tight pilates-toned frame with busty curves. My most complimented feature is my face with its green cat-like eyes, long lashes, tiny nose and full mouth.

But– could it be that you already recognize me? Haven’t we met before? We did. I was hailing a cab around the corner from your office. Or, no– I was in line, right in front of you, at my favorite bookstore.

I know you remember my porcelain skin, full breasts, my hypnotic blue-green gaze. Our eyes locked for what seemed an interminable moment.

What could I have told you about myself, if we had engaged?

That I am classically educated with a University degree– though I have decided to live a life of passion, outside the traditonal lines. That I am a published and dedicated writer. That I have been writing erotic stories since I was a girl. That I consider myself both an exhibitionist and a voyeur.

I love nothing more digging into desire: losing myself in a partner’s mind, in that fever dream of touch, a shared voluptuous pleasure.

I want to know about you. What are you into? What turns you on lately? Do you want to be mine tonight? What are you going to do with me?

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